About Me xx

Hi, thanks for visiting my website.

My Name is Deborah and I am 44 currently living in Coventry with my family and our crazy dog. Originally from the North East i moved to the Midlands in 2003.

Until a few years ago i worked in retail for some major stores but once diagnosed with a debilitating condition, Fibromyalgia and being forced to give up work(which I loved) I needed to fill my time and stimulate my mind in other ways.

 I have taken to many small craft project ideas to fill my time but nothing brings me greater pleasure and joy than crafting these enchanted worlds for the fairies to inhabit, with the odd mischievous gnome or other mythical creature occasionally making an appearance.

I enjoy crafting, gardening, interior design when my condition allows, on my bad days I have to focus on myself but when I am well I throw myself into my crafts to relax and forget about my pain.

Anyway through this website I will share with you my creations and also my craft finds as i seek out new and different materials to craft with.

You can follow me through my Pinterest and Instagram links at the bottom of this page, drop me a message on the comments page or email me  at reelfairygardens@outlook.com .


Deb xx

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